Thursday, 15 April 2010

Workflow update

I've been working on creating this dragons rig for a couple of days now and i think i've nearly got it, now i'm just tweaking here and there. This is to be completed before the end of tomorrow, so that i can attach the detailed model to the rig, paint weights, and animate! For Musion i will be drawing new storyboards which are less ambitious with the time available and produce a short animated piece which will be of a higher quality.

Rig -

Setup the jaw with controller
Eyes - cartoon eyes animate the lattices and pupils OR normal eyes.

Shoulder controllers

For the tail i will have to have two rig set ups. One for wagging and one for swooshing side to side, this is because to get one i have to disable the other.

To attach the nurbs model to the mesh i will just parent the model to the head joint.
Also to have more control of where the nurb ears go, i will need to try attaching the cylinders to a nurbs circle.
Or extrude faces from a nurbs sphere so that i don't have to continuously animate the translate axis to stay still with ear movement.

I did have trouble with parenting the head controller to allow me to have separate control over which way the head looks, as opposed to just following the spine.

I had to re rig the arms because the hand control was on the wrist and this is difficult to animate from. Also for the arms i needed to re create the joints so that it has the same principles of the leg joint and IK system. This was because i want more of a defined point from the elbow in movement. The shoulder joint needed to be un-parented from the spine because when i moved the root joint or spine the arms

Before (ctrl on wrist, arm with roll bone set up)

This image is showing that when i have moved the pink skeleton the arms move with it but do not bend, it does crazy things with the elbow.

After (ctrl under wrist and Leg IK setup)

Where as in this image we can see the arm bending as it should.

Model -
For the model to be detailed i needed to add in blocked toes and a spear end to the tail, where i will setup the toes and feet rig today. For the wings and ears even though they're being modeled in nurbs so i can get the fanned ear effect, i have blocked out the rough skeletal structure so my joint placement will match.

For the modeling i got Andi to do some more concept for the feet, tail and wings.

I still need to get Andi to do some concept on the teeth of the Knucker. Either to have the teeth on show like an alligators or are the teeth going to only be on show when the mouth is open. I like the idea of the teeth being on the outside but not as many as the alligator has.

Alligator reference to teeth.

Once the head is modeled i will be adding either some blendshapes or joint controls to get some animation going there. Also when this dragon is breathing i want the body to look like its inhaled air, i need to figure out how to best do this, maybe a square stretch deformer.

One last thing would be about my storyboard for Musion, after having a talk with my tutor we thought it best to shorten the animation. Either to have a loop of the dragon asleep, wakes up and chases tail, then goes back to sleep - entertaining as people will be looking to see if they can spot where the loop is.
Or maybe incorporate the rave live logo and have it bouncing on stage with the dragon chasing and trying to catch this text!

Rough ideas which i need to develop further in such a short time.

So for the rest of today i will be ;
- Rigging the toes, wings, ears, and fingers.
- I will pass the updated model to be modeled in more detail by the end of tomorrow.
- Then with the model and completed rig i will bind the mesh to the rig.
- Then i will paint the weights to the rig (painting weights is where i assign which vertices of the mesh to be influenced by which joint, so if i move the arm i dont want the mesh on teh tail to be effected)
- After weight painting i will then be testing the animation on the rig so it's all clean
- Then once thats all tidy i can get on with animation

Meanwhile whilst i am doing that, the model will be Uv mapped and textured by my helping team, so before i need to start rendering and compositing we can assign the updated texture.


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