Thursday, 1 April 2010

Myths & Monsters

On Monday last week Andi and I went to the Horniman Museum at Forest Hill to see the exhibition Myths & Monsters.

"Cyclops, unicorn, yeti, dragon, the chimera… are these creatures real or imagined? Take a journey into the strange world of Myths and Monsters and unravel the truth behind universal legends and myths. Discover the origin of the Cyclops, the links between dragons and the dinosaurs, and why the yeti is the monster most likely to be real." Horniman Museum

This was the only dragon at the exhibition. The dragon was a big animatronic which breathed, moved its head, jaw, eyes, eye brows and even tapping toes! The most helpful part of this exhibition was that i hadn't thought about making the dragon move as it breathes in and we got to see a larger scale of a dragon.

It's certainly helpful to gain more references to how the headshape is set, where the nostrils are placed in comparison to ears. The length of the head is important as we've had trouble thinking how to set the eyes in the head, to get the most out of the animation it would be easier to do the Knucker more cartoon like Mushu. Mmm.

Great narrow shape of the head and mouth here. Noted.

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