Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Very nice rigged dragon.

After seeing this dragon and the features on the rig i contacted Jessica DeLacy, who created the rig and is currently on her fourth year Character Rigging major.

What i really would like to pull from this, is the eye brow movement, feet/toes. She's using Set Driven Keys, Clusters, blendshapes and bones for movement.


Your amazing dragon :)

i noticed your rig online and i was wondering whether you i would be able to have some of your advice?
basically i'm wanting to create a dragon rig, but the dragon i'm modeling is more lizard like a long. So what i wanted to get some tips on was how you got the mouth to move like that? and the tail? and most of all those eyebrows are amazing!

The dragon i'm modeling is meant to be more of a cartoon-like animation style.

Please could you give me some pointers?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Lydia Fabian


Re: Your amazing dragon :)

So you mean more of like a Chinese style dragon then? Cool!

The mouth and eyebrows were set up using just a bone based facial UI, and the tail was done with clusters. The best option for a tail would actually be to have an IKFK blend though.

Since it's going to be cartoony, I'd recommend adding in squash and stretch as well.

I can try to walk you through this if you don't know how to set it up, since I'm not sure how familiar you are with rigging!

Let me know how I can help. My e-mail is :]


Re: Your amazing dragon :)
Kind of, the dragon i'm rigging is a Knucker. You can see it if you type it into google, its a red one, i'd paste it onto this message but I'm not sure how.

I'm not so hot on rigging, i know basics here and there, but I'm certainly up for trying my hardest to get this character looking my best.

IKFK blends.. are a mystery to me right now, the only rigging i have done successfully was a gorilla but only in IK, it was a uni project, i should probably mention this is a uni project i am doing, I'm on my second year of animation, and you would be mentioned in my blog if that's alright with you?

I think i can get how to do the clusters for the tail.. I haven't got the model ready yet, but just looking ahead. maybe we could run some tests for the face though? That would be awfully helpful if we could?

Thank you :)



Re: Your amazing dragon :)
Ahhh, cool. I've never heard of a Knucker until now!

Rigging is definitely something that you learn by doing, but it's not something that you want to do all at once. I can probably make up a tutorial for IKFK pretty quickly and put it on my blog (it's fine if I'm on yours as long as you're fine being on mine - You will probably want to have IKFK legs, neck, spine and tail at the very least, and go from there. Squash and stretch should be something that you tackle later if you feel up to it.

Actually, here's a good IKFK tutorial by a teacher of mine:

For the face, you have the option of doing blendshapes or bones. If you have a mock or low poly face made up, it's pretty easy to set up some basic tests on it :]!

I'm also in Uni right now, as a fourth year Character Rigging major!



Re: Your amazing dragon :)
Awesome.. where are you in the world?
Rigging is definitely what you're wanting to work in then, i like it!

Ok so i will quickly do a rough model of the face and have a try at creating the blendshapes and/or bones.

One other thing was your wings with ncloth?

I have help from my teacher so if i get overly confused i can ask him too, but basically in the Knucker design my friend has come up with, i'm thinking it would look great with ncloth on the ears.. its like three small joints.. you can see it on my blog, its the red dragon on here you see..

What's worse is that i have to rig this character before the 15th April lol

I shall put all of my heart into this though if i can make it work. The best way is trial and error.. upsetting that mostly errors though lol



So i before Jessica has gotten back to me about n cloth, i have tried using Surfaces>Loft

Side Shot

Front Shot

I think with this though i am going to add a ball for the cylinders to be part of, so when i move them its not going to move the skin bit in the middle when i want to move the whole ear shape.

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