Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Schedule Update

From last week Andi and I have both completed the character concept. The storyboard will need to be produced into an animatic which I had failed to place into the schedule. To fit the Musion deadline for the Rave Live content I have altered the schedule so that Andi and I concentrate on getting this dragon fully rigged and ready to animate by say the 15th April, which will give me enough time carefully storyboard the performance and then I'm left to animate.

To do this I have shifted the modeling of the environment one week back so that the dragon will be completed in one section all together. I have added in a Musion section for me to complete. Whilst I am doing this Andi will be modeling the background and sorting out the loose ends.

Also for Rave Live i have scheduled in what i need to do for Musion, being to storyboard a script for the 3d hologram stage, produce animatic and to animate the character, with some sound added to bring the character to life.

Once the Rave Live deadline is out of the way Andi and I will be left with a completed dragon and environment. We will be left with modeling the props, animating, lighting, sound, compositing and rendering.

When compositing and rendering out i will have time to sort out my showreel for hand in.

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