Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Andi's Knucker concept

Andi sent me these concepts he had done the other day, we had talked about what research we had found and what we think would and wouldn't work. I was talking about how i wanted movement in the eye brows, eyes, ears and mouth. With the red illustration i think I'm in love, and i would like to see more as Andi works on the character sheet. The eyebrows are strong and definitive, and it all just flows nicely on the head, a simple design rather than the more detailed and complicated ones i drew, Andi has simplified our designs wonderfully.

Andi has also tried the Knucker in other colours as we are told from the book, we are thinking to go for the red colour because this will be more obvious when the model is brought into the environment. The blue coloured Knucker looks feminine to me because the ears come off from the eye brow, also it has more of a feminine head shape because of the curves, unlike the red design where we have much stronger, straighter broad lines. For the brown dragon the face is rather square, this design doens't stick out to me as much but the top of the head shape could be used on the red design, or the point of the skull like a dogs head.

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