Friday, 9 April 2010

Dragon Model

After seeing Andi's model, i asked him to work on the models legs as his wasn't in the correct pose for rigging, this was because he misunderstood that the Knucker was to walk and not crawl on its belly. The model was also out of proportion in the quantity of vertices between the body and legs, meaning there were more on the body, and not so many on the extruded leg. He did say that this was a block model and the verts were no issue as i set up the rig, though i'd need them for animating.

So in the evening i re-modeled the legs into a position to rig them and the body. I had given Andi the model i'd blocked out so he could work from the same proportions and my rig would match up with the model.

I decided to model the arms in a T pose so that i could rig it as an arm, and the back legs on the ground so i could rig them as legs. I had also shortened the tail, as in my opinion it was too long, although having a longer tail keeps to the illustrations but i am concerned about the animating.

Next step is to get creating the rig, and update the model as we go along.

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