Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Musion Academy

"Musion Eyeliner System is a new and unique high definition video 3D projection system allowing spectacular freeform 3-dimensional holographic moving images to appear within a live stage setting." Musion

Musion Explained

What i am wanting to do for Rave Live is to use this Knucker dragon and with help from Musion i will be able to project the animation onto the 3d stage. When i went to the Musion meeting last week it fueled my ideas for what i could do with the dragon, you can interact with the animation on stage - which sounds great and more personal than just watching something one stage.

Musion Showreel

Oliver Gingrich is the Rave Live point of contact so i am going to be working with him to run tests with the rig on the 3d stage. Oliver said he had something similar for me to reference to which involved a 3d dragon on stage. Meanwhile i will create some storyboards for what this dragon could do on stage.

-----Original Message-----
From: Lydia Fabian []
Sent: 06 April 2010 14:06
To: Oliver Gingrich
Subject: Ravensboure - Matter Content

Hey Oliver,

Lydia here from Ravensbourne, i appreciate that you said you were rather
busy within these next two weeks, but i was wondering if you could give
me some scope on things?

I am wanting to create and animate a dragon on stage.
I plan to have this character fully rigged and leaving me with a few
days left for animating before the Rave Live content deadline (19th April).

I'm wondering how much time i will need to set aside for getting it set up correctly with the 3d stage? I believe i can get the animating done, and
i plan to send you some storyboards/animatics to see what you think and how it will come across on stage and what works best.

Thought it wise to send this email so i can organize my thought on whats going on :)

Thanks Oliver,

Lydia Fabian


Dear Lydia,
Thanks for getting in touch! I received your previous email but was in
demos back to front for most of the day, but will send you documentation
of the mini dragon asap.

I am happy to run through the storyboard with you and will happily
advise you during your process at all stages. Do you want to send me a
complete breakdown of a rough production plan and I might be able to
give you feedback on it? However you plan to do this, I would budget for
a bit of testing time. I am happy to squeeze you in between demos here
so that you can get as much feedback as possible on your animation.
Thanks and speak soon,

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