Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Last Dragon - Documentary

I remembered this documentary i bought ages ago and this will be such a great help in understanding the shape again. Also the existing animation within the series is another great reference for this type of dragon in the documentary.

These two screenshots where the dragon jumping to another rock.
I think the second shot is awesome to show the body outline for our Knucker's shape.

In these head pictures, i loved the shape and position of the facial features as it is closer to the Dragonology illustrations. Although the Knucker has bigger eyes in the illustrations, for the baby Knucker the eyes are placed on the top of the head, where as for the adult Knucker the eyes are on the side of the head.

Adult Knucker

Baby Knucker

The nostrils are at the front on both illustrations though, and the spikes for behind the head seen in the screenshot above are similar to the ears of the baby Knucker. Whereas the adult Knucker has less detail for the ears.

Head - Mesh

Awesome modeled mesh for the skull of the dragon.

These last three shots from the documentary were to show a fossilized dragon.

Underwater - Dragon swimming

Very powerful looking leg, i believe the Knucker would need powerful legs to carry the weight of its body.

Wings as positioned not too far behind the front leg shoulder, and the front leg is one third of the way down on the body from the spine.

I liked the look of the jaw, and again how everything is positioned on the face.

So from watching the last dragon i feel this will help me alot with the movement, although there wasn't much of a 'full body shot' as they used mostly close ups during the documentary.

What i will gain the most from this is looking at the head shape, and comparing between the different illustrations of the Knucker i will need to talk to Andi for deciding what the best way to model him will be.

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