Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Storboard - Musion, Rave Live

So i thought the best way to get started is to just put pencil to paper! I find that just sitting at a computer isn't very inspiring.

Things i'd like to get this dragon to do;

Play dead
Roll over
Chase its own tail
Scratch its head with the wing
Mesmerized by own tail
Attempt to fly.


So firstly i was thinking how to introduce my character on stage, is he already going to be on stage ? In this design i have the dragon sleeping and he wakes himself up in two ways. One being he sneezes and covers himself in smoke, or the second being he sneezes in his sleep and wakes up confused covered in smoke. The way dogs wake up is quite funny because they sometimes look as though they forget where they are, looking confused.

Here we have two options to how he could fly.. with his wings being so small he could be walking on his hind legs whilst flying to life the front half of the body. He chases his tail, mesmerized by his own tail, and rolls onto his back. Just some tricks to use in the show.

What if he came on stage in a box, and sneezes and blows open to box?
The bottom half is the beginning of a storyboard where we call the dragon onto the stage. I could really act this out to get the audience involved, like a panto. Basically we call the dragon onto stage as he's a little nervous. The dragon looks around the audience, and decides to come out onto the stage. I flash a gem, a dragons favorite lunch!

I wave this gem around and the dragon doesn't take his eyes off this gem. I throw this gem off stage, emptying the stage from the dragon - maybe i start to talk some facts about the Knucker. We can hear the Knucker off screen munching the gem and coming back onto stage for another one. The dragon sits patiently whilst i talk.

Whilst still talking about the dragon it gets distracted by its own tail, then begins to chase its own tail. This is until i tell him to play dead - overly dramatic. Then it's the end of the performance and i get the dragon to bow and leave.


There's just me throwing out some ideas. I would like to involve him trying to fly because every time i ask what people want to see this dragon do is either fire or watch it attempt to fly.

I'll have a think and a shuffle to see what else comes out. I thought that in this storyboard, the dragon would naturally have a short attention span.

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