Monday, 29 March 2010

Studying the shape of the Knucker dragon

Referencing from the books images of the Knucker seen in the previous post, Andi and I have been working towards how we can transpose this into 3D.
This would involve simplifying the illustrations down to their basic shapes for the body, wings, face and so on. This needs to be done so that in Maya we are able to simply model the Knucker and apply the finer details after the main body has been built.

I have done some sketches of the head and body, which i think always helps to understand and pay closer attention to the shapes. In the previous post i was talking about what we want from the character, what do we want it to be doing whether a comical character, or realistic?

As we're keeping it close to the book that means we're already going for an illustrative style, and i am keen on the idea of giving the Knucker a dog like personality, obedient, when the dragon is tame. When the dragon is not tameed it could take on the personality of a feline ferrel cat.

Head Studies

Jaw Studies

(^ Andi's drawing ^)

After exploring different head shapes i'm liking the one which is the closest to the book illustration. I like how the head shape is all one part as opposed to some where i've drawn the Knucker with more of a beak shape.


(^ Andi's drawing ^)

Basically i'm just trying to get an idea for placement of legs and wings, because i want the weighting to look right for the size.

Once we've settled on a clean concept Andi will be creating character sheets of poses and expressions of the Knucker, so he can begin modeling in Maya and we can crack on!

I think i'm going to do some research into obedient dogs and wild cats to get some sketches and idea of what i will need the rig to be capable of, and to figure out the best way to achieve this.

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