Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Chosen Brief

So during the two week break i thought it wise to begin contacting potential clients.
Andi and I both agreed that the Ology books looked amazing and full of all sorts of crazy things to work from, and we did have to have a dig around to find the correct person to contact.
Eventually we found that Dougald Steer (the author of the Ology series) is now freelance, so the best people to contact were the publishers of the book as we couldn't find any details on how to contact the author.
Andi and I both knew we wanted to make something 3d from the book, then looking at the Ology website we saw a great opportunity.

On the website there are short video clips from the book which have been acted out such as 'how to take a cast of a dragons footprint', Both Andi and I thought that maybe to bring the videos closer to the book why not propose to create a 3d short from the extract of the book.

So i began by emailing Mike Jolley from Templar Publishing who then forwarded the email to Nghiem Ta - Art Director for the Dragonology book.


6th March 2010


Hi Mike,

I'm hoping that you're the right point of contact for the media creation
of the Ology Series.

My name is Lydia Fabian and i am a student studying Animation Practice at
Ravensbourne College of Design and communication, London.

I am contacting you concerning the Ology series.

I would like to use the Ology series and take some extracts from the book
to create them in a 3d environment. Potentially using the books
illustrations and artists style from the book to animate the selected
chosen sequences from the book such as 'how to tame your dragon'.

It would be a great project for my university and i think that the Ology
website would maybe look as though it's a closer continuation from the
book, taking fans into the world of Dragonology!

Please contact me on this email,
or my mobile number is _______

Hope to hear from you soon,

Kind Regards,

Lydia Fabian


15th March 2010


Dear Lydia,

I hope you are well. My name is Nghiem (Neem) and I design and art direct
the Ology book series. Mike Jolley, our art director passed your email onto

Your project sounds really interesting and it would be great to see another
dimension to the Dragonology book. Before granting an official approval for
your use of the Dragonology content, I will need to trouble you for a more
detailed project breakdown (detailing how you would use and treat the art
etc.) and also list any further assistance you may need from me.

In the meantime, may I ask for your postal address? I¹ll need to ask you to
sign a letter of agreement. I hope this will be okay.

Thank you for contact Templar and I hope to hear from you soon.



16th March 2010


Good afternoon Nghiem,

Great to hear back from you!
I just wanted to let you know that this project will be my final unit for
this year, and I anticipate having the finished animation available for
you to view in 9 weeks time.

When I return to Ravensbourne next week I will be discussing and
finalising my Project Brief in detail with my Tutor, Jared Taylor, and I
will forward you a copy as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please feel free to look at some of my work as follows:

Here is some animation from the end of my first year-

This is the unit i did last term which was to create a 3D environment-

My postal address is -


Thank you for giving me this opportunity and I hope to be able to keep you
updated on a regular basis.

If you have any further questions or wish to discuss any finer details
once you have received my brief, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will be in touch next week
bye for now

Lydia Fabian


24th March 2010


Hi Nghiem,

You will find attached to this email a copy of the brief which has been
assigned for this terms work with the University.

I have also attached a more detailed brief that defines what content we
will be using, and how, from the Dragonology book.

To fit the requirements of the brief we will need you to be involved with
giving us feedback, and constructive criticism at various points through
the next eight weeks. I was also wondering if you could outline the
parameters for exactly what we can and cannot do with this dragon’s design
and animation?

We have decided to use the ‘Spell to catch a dragon’ at the beginning of
the book for our animated sequence. Were there any 3D generated or 2d
animations you like the style or look of which we can reference closely

Do you have any more information that you could send on the Knucker
Dragon? Maybe some images you could supply for more detail?

Also has anyone contacted you and attempted something like this
previously? If so what did you like about it?

One final thing!

We would like to showcase our finished work at a broadcast event Rave
Live. Rave Live is run by a collaboration of students from Ravensbourne
each year and this year is the first year it is being held at the o2 Dome
in London, Matter, Wednesday 19th May 2010.

do we need to sign anything for Copyright or using it at this event?

You are certainly very welcome to come to the event, all you need to do is
go to and there is a big button saying 'register your
interest'. You will need to fill in the details and once you get to the
venue your name will be on the guest list at the door.

We could also send a CD with the animation on to you if you would like.

Kind Regards

Lydia Fabian


Brief Requirements in more detail (the attachment i sent in the last email to Nghiem)


Here is a more detailed project breakdown for what has been planned for the use of the Dragonology content.

We plan to create an animated short which will be suitable for use on the Ology website.
This is the extract from the book that has been chosen to work from;

Spell to catch a dragon
Take a mirror and sprinkle it with dragon dust,
Then place a sapphire or other treasure outside the dragons lair,
When the dragon emerges to investigate the gemstone,
quickly bring out the mirror so the dragon see’s it’s own reflection,
and cry,
“Ecce Narcisso Draconus Attractivae!”
This spell will tame the dragon – but watch out when it wares off!

We are going to bring this character to life in its personality and movement whilst showing it in its natural environment and delivered in a 3d medium.

To make this work in 3d, we are to create a dragon in the 3d application Maya.
We are to keep it as closely related to the book illustrations as we can,using textures, shapes, colour and size ratios from the book.

We also intend to use the sound and lighting to help generate the atmosphere.
The final outcome will be fit for broadcast standard and suitable for the Ology website.

The animation will be between twenty to thirty seconds in duration, and the final will be available from the 19th May.


So i am waiting to hear back from Nghiem and mean while i will be refining the schedule which has been penciled together.

For the end of this week ready for Monday is to
- Start blogging research
- Begin concepts from the book of the Knucker dragon, and looking at damp environments as this is where they are found.

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