Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Existing 3d in Dragonology

In a past email i asked Nghiem whether there was any existing 3d work for Dragonology. Nghiem came back with this 3d dragon where using a webcam and the correct plugin you can bring a dragon to life on your book.

Dragonology Augmented Reality, 3D

I really like the movement of this dragon and can't help but wanting to see the dragon to do more! The animation is well executed and the model looks well textured.

Nghiem also came back with telling us that Dragonology is going to be released as a game on the DS.

Dragonology DS Game Trailer

I have noticed how the 3d animation are introduced through the book, and how some illustrations are brought to life in the book its self!

The layout for where the animated work could go in the book which will be nice to keep in with the trend of other sequences before. Where we have our text talking us through the spell 'how to catch a dragon', rather than using that as a screen to tell the audience, it would look better and create more anticipation if we have our animation on going? This way the animation is more active as opposed to my previous storyboard, i am going to do another storyboard from a POV (point of view) camera shot.

For the spell part
“Ecce Narcisso Draconus Attractivae!”
I am thinking to do this in a style which will make it quite magical on screen, where i play with the text on screen changing between human letters to the dragonology letters.

This is a photo taken showing the dragon letters next to the human alphabet, which is what i will be working from.

Lirael Book Trailer

This trailer above is work I had done previously whilst at school. What I would like to take from this is the beginning where we have these letters and shapes crossing over in a dust-like way. I thought this looked quite effective and could fit in with bringing Dragonology to a 3d environment, why keep the text a simple 2d? Also on the Lirael book trailer, the shapes flying around are relative to the book, they're called charter marks, and they are used when casting spells. So this could be replaced with the dragons language.

Also the way the letters fade in and out, this could be done much better with the skills I have gained since then, so I will put the idea forward to Nghiem when we send her the storyboards at either the end of this week or beginning of the third week.

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