Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Inspiration - How to train your dragon

"Based on a series of books by Cressida Cowell, the story in the film has changed a bit from the novels (from what I've heard, people don't ride the dragons in the series), but the author was pleased with the results. We'll have to pick the books up and give them a read now that we've seen the movie version"

We went to watch this today at the cinema and it was amazing, best animated film i've seen in a while because it never got dull and it was such a power film.

So this film is PERFECT for using as reference material to what Andi and I were both thinking for our dragon taming animation. The dragons were acting like dogs, in that Toothless (the main dragon) was rollign around in the grass, loved to be tickled under his chin, waited for a treat like a dog, majority of his communication was via facial expressions and sound, he could not talk but his reactions to what Hicup is saying suggest he understands. But basically i'm trying to say that i believe this Knucker will be brought to life with strong facial expressions and sound.


There was such a variety in the dragon's designs like the Dragonology book, but also that the main dragon Toothless, his walk was so different in that he didn't walk on his feet but they were more shaped like stubby ends. Our Knucker has feet so i still think it would be good to take the influence from the alligators walk for that.

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