Monday, 3 May 2010

Showreel research

I have been looking out for good showreels within motion graphics, character animation and animation/modeling. I can't embed showreels onto this blog as they have that disabled through youtube.

Animation mentor showcase - in their student showcase i liked how there was a variety between added music over some of the animations, and when the animation had its own audio the music would either turn off or dull down to make it obvious. They also titled each section and there was a variety of work between style and themes.

Company showreels.
Lumiere's showreel began with their company logo ident. They used music to help with the pacing and i think that it works well because they have the video clips edited in time with the music. Although personally I'm not too hot on the track used. For my showreel i need to sit and think what will work best with all my clips once i have them together.

Studio AKA - showreel, they have just linked us to a site where you can click through each animation they have done. I like that you can view all their work but it should be in a showreel labeled so that the viewer is enticed to go see more.

Trunk - They do both 3d and 2d and in their showreel they have them in separate sections titled apart. In their showreel they have cut up the longer animations and placed different parts throughout the showreel. They have used instrumental music as opposed to chart music.

It seems from these companies that the music reflects the style of their work.

I feel that music is a tough call on what to place with the showreel as everyone has different tastes. It can be distracting to the content being shown or it can really drive it. I haven't thought too much about the music in my showreel, i think it should be something that isn't distracting from the work, something which isn't loud, or droning on in the background. Instrumental would work best perhaps?

What makes a successful animation showreel?
"Try and show relevant material but not a copy of their house style - originality is rewarded, so is a range of work."

"The best ones are simple"

Sourced tips from this website,

What a showreel means to me is a collection and showcase of your best work. Presented in your style. Everything about it shouting out what you can do and your STYLE. So that when your dvd is put on a company shelf, they should be able to think 'oh yes' and know what you are good for. You shouldn't try and be a jack of all trades because people need to know your niche and they will come to you for what you're good at.

What am I wanting to show?
Model, Texture, Light, Rig, Animate, Life Drawing, Painting/chalks/drawing, Photography, links to online presence, CV (available to download as PDF)

Who is it for?
This is a great question because i wouldn't want to apply for an animation role and only show the employer modeling, i need to make sure i fill my reel with my best of what i can do for them. Originality will go far and quality over quantity

My DVD layout of menu will need to be easy to work. So i don't want a busy overcomplicated layout with thousands of buttons. I want it to work in both pc and dvd players, i want to to have my name and contact details plastered all over and it needs to follow a layout scheme. Colours will be what i have used for my name previously being black, pink, white and blue.

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