Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Title and animation work to be done.

Hi Lydia,
Do what you think best for your film. It's very kind of to consider the
feedback from me!

Please find attached a couple of mac compatible fonts to help you with your project only.
AT Pelican is the font used for the Dragonology logotype. Beffle is the font used for the drop caps. It makes a good display font for silent films.

Good luck. I'm going to try and get to RAVE Live. Hope to see you there.

Take care,




Thank you that works fine now, is there any for you'd prefer to have as
the main text, as i noticed in the book you have some really nice italic
fonts like the one on this link to an image..


Thank you,



Hi Lydia,

The font choice is yours. Just make sure it is readable/clear and looks good
on screen ­ you'll be fine!

The italic font you were referring to is ATPelican, the font I sent through.
Sometimes it will need additional kerning in places.

Looking forward to seeing you at RAVE Live, hope it is all going well.

Take care,

Whilst Andi is sorting out the stage for the animation i have been thinking about the title sequence for the animation. I have been thinking how i could create a similar looking text to the book but thought i should be smart and ask Nghiem for the font AT-Pelican and Beffle.
"AT Pelican is the font used for the Dragonology logotype. Beffle is the font used for the drop caps. It makes a good display font for silent films."
Here on the cover of the Dragonology we have the red background with a shiny slightly darker red for the dragon, I'm thinking to take this from the book and use it for the title sequence text.

From the Dragonology DS trailer which i have pointed out previously, we can see the animation is set in the book, where the animation is always on screen. Also around the page to the left we can see some illustrations of footprints.. I am thinking to use this idea of having an inactive illustration behind the title sequence text, which is the first camera shot for the 3d animation. So once the first shot is down I will create a line drawing of the scene which will be behind the text. The text will fade, so we are left with the line drawing, and then the line drawing will dissolve into the 3d animated scene.

Extract from the book -

In the book i liked this border used with Dr Drakes handwriting.

So here i have used the border from the book and used curves to create the stronger colour.
I have used the AT Pelican font for the text. I will create a quick render test once i can get hold of my graphics tablet to show what i mean for the animated title sequence.

I don't like the idea of just animating the opacity in and out.. so i have found a nice tutorial effect called 'Ancient_title' thrhough video co pilot. Maybe i could take the glowing particles as dragons dust which happens when the text is fading to the illustration, then to the 3d scene.

The way in which the animation has been storyboarded allows for the animtion to be taken from the different shots. If the animation was permanently on screen it wouldn't be so easy to get the dragon into position for the next shot. There are four different camera shots, so the animation will be split accordingly.

I got Andi to change the landscape size to fit dragon also for him to flatten the land to animate on.

Nghiem wants a silent film style, I am going to play around with creating this effect in the compositing stage. On the website they just have the Dragonology logo fade in and out then the title of the clip also fading in and out, then fades into the live action footage. The text and setup is probably the silent film style unlike the actual footage.

I need to sort out how long this animation is actually going to be. There is plenty to be getting on with and hopefully enough time!


So basically i need to draft out how i want the titles to be done, and have a play with this in After Effects, I need to block out the animatic in 3d for the shots by Friday so that i can hand this to one of the sound students. Then i need to be creating the smooth animation. and to render composit and render out the final to broadcast standards.
Meanwhile for the showreel i need to re render out compressed background menu.

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